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VAT: DIY Billing!

Usually, it’s the supplier who issues a VAT invoice; but in some circumstances, the customer prepares the invoice instead and gives the

Quality Counts!

The exemption from capital gains tax (CGT) for a dwelling that is the taxpayer’s ‘only or main residence’ is an important one

What are tax deductions for influencers? Influencers play a pivotal role in society by creating engaging content and connecting with their followers.

In this discussion, we will analyse how to claim driving lessons on tax and see if we can claim it on our

No-one likes to think about their death, so it is perhaps understandable that many people put off drafting their will, and some

Wondering about when is the tax return deadline? In the UK, self-assessment tax returns are normally due to HMRC at the end

To address your query on what is a higher tax bracket in the UK start by clarifying what a “higher tax bracket”

Wondering how many accounting firms are there in the UK? Accountancy is a widely established and crucial sector that plays an essential

How to claim tax back on the van? Claimed vehicle expenses are eligible for tax relief in the UK. This includes tax

Worried about how to claim your SEIS tax relief? Claiming SEIS tax relief is a valuable and powerful tool for small businesses

Wondering about when is the tax deadline for expats? For those living abroad in the UK, taxes can be a highly confusing

Businesses grow and change continuously. It’s essential to have an expert financial advisor to help manage and monitor finances. In this discussion,

Thinking about how to read a balance sheet? A balance sheet is a financial record that provides a comprehensive picture of a

This discussion is based on the tax return deadline. The process of paying taxes and fulfilling all the demands related to it

Chris Thorpe looks at some considerations when extracting profits out of limited companies. Once a sole trader or partnership has incorporated, the

Wondering about how to claim SITR? Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) is a valuable tax relief offered by the UK government to

This discussion aims to explore whether there is a deadline for renewing tax credits in the UK and the potential consequences of

Our discussion is on Capital Gains Tax on property in the UK. We’ll explore the basics of Capital Gains Tax and its

In this discussion about how to reclaim your NHS pension, we will explore the process of reclaiming your NHS pension in the

Creating a successful lead generation strategy for accountants involves understanding the unique needs of the accounting industry and leveraging the right mix

When it comes to managing your business’s finances in the bustling economic landscape of London, the expertise of a skilled accountant can

Navigating the financial landscape of London, the heart of the UK’s economy, chartered accountants stand as pivotal figures in shaping the fiscal

Jennifer Adams explores where company owners might get useful short-term loans. The cheapest personal bank loan rates are double what they were

Ken Moody highlights some confusion over what exactly are ‘distributions in specie’ and outlines some important tax implications. I was asked a