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What is POS System

Wondering what is POS system? How does it work? What are the functionalities of POS systems? What are the types and components

If you are investing most of your time, energy, and resources in acquiring new customers, you’ve got your priorities completely wrong way

What is Visual Merchandising

In this competitive world – with hundreds and thousands of competitors around – it has become a challenge for businesses to tempt

Making Tax Digital

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is a government programme to move to a digital tax world. HMRC’s stated ambition is to become one

VAT on takeaway food

If you own a restaurant, cafe or bar and deal with takeaway food on a daily basis, you need to know how

What is CIS

Wondering what is CIS (Construction Industry Scheme)? This scheme works similar to PAYE to deduct income tax and NI from the subcontractor’s

how dividends are taxed

Dividends have their own tax rules and their own rates of tax. The rules and the rates apply in the same way

Christmas party tax-free

Last year, the Covid-19 pandemic and national lockdown took Christmas parties (other than virtual ones) off the agenda. This year, they may

How To Pay Tax on Savings

Whether you’re putting aside some money for an emergency, purchase of a house/property or saving for your retirement, you need to pay

childcare costs

Childcare costs can be very expensive and any help is welcomed, particularly where you can benefit from that help tax-free. There are

annual investment allowance (AIA)

The annual investment allowance (AIA) allows you to claim an immediate deduction against your profits for qualifying capital expenditure up to the

How does Risk Assessment Work

Last year apart, the number of tax enquiries is on the increase; the reason is not that more taxpayers are seeking to

Stamp duty land tax refunds

The additional stamp duty land tax (SDLT) rate of 3% is payable by purchasers of residential properties costing £40,000 or more and

Distributions on Cessation of a Company

When a company closes down, it may have accumulated monies or assets that need to be distributed to shareholders. If the asset

Profit And Loss Statement

The basics of accounting are essential to understand for business owners to run a business successfully. So, a business owner must focus

Relief for Replacement of Domestic Items

In a furnished let, wear and tear of domestic items is inevitable and there will come a time when the landlord will

SDLT and uninhabitable properties

For many the lure of a renovation project is strong and for those looking to generate rental income, doing up a dilapidated

Furnished Holiday Lettings

For tax purposes, furnished holiday lettings are something of a special case and benefit from a number of advantages not available to

Transfers of Assets between Spouses

Although married couples and civil partners are assessed individually for capital gains tax purposes and each has their own annual exempt amount,

Inheritance Tax in Installments

Where inheritance tax is payable on an estate, it must normally be paid by the end of the sixth month after that

Tax-efficient childcare
Tax-efficient Childcare

Childcare is expensive; however, the tax system can provide a helping hand. In recent years, there has been a shift from tax

Are you trading
Are you Trading?

Trading income is taxed for both income tax and corporation tax purposes. In order for a tax charge to arise under the

What is a Nominal Ledger

Bookkeeping is essential to take control of your business’ finances. Whether you manage your finances yourself or outsource your work to an

Capital Allowances on Disposing Asset

Capital allowances are the tax equivalent of depreciation, and the mechanism of providing tax relief for certain items of capital expenditure. However,