Frequently asked questions is looking for forward-thinking Accountants, Bookkeeper & Tax advisors to join our panel.


                                  We have developed our platform with feedback from members and we have answered a number of Most frequently asked questions.

  1. Register your firm/company here as a service provider.
  2. You will get an email to activate your account, please keep an eye on your junk folder.
  3. Once you activate your firm, you will be able to sign in to our dashboard. 
  4. Under firms tab, click add a firm and list your firm.
  5. Once you have added your firm, click on View Services  and add services that you provide and the fee.
  6. Mark you firm as active and go live. 
  7. We will run our vetting process at the same time to ensure the details you have provider are correct. If you have provided incorrect details, You firm will not be able to go live.

One of our aim is to ensure all accountants/advisors/ service provider must have license & professional indemnity insurance in place. Unfortunately, we do not support/accommodate unqualified accountants on our platform.

We will check that information periodically and If you fail to meet the criteria set by us, you will be blocked from the platform. This is to ensure that our Partners provide and maintain a high quality service.

Our vetting process includes the following checks:

  • Regulatory Authority checks, E.g ensuring you have right license in place to run the firm.
  • Credit checks (no footprint on your credit history)
  • Reviews and web presence on your firm.

As an introductory offer, we do not charge anything to list your firm. So its free to feature.

We will only charge you when we deliver you a pre-qualified client/lead. we have over 15 categories and over 200 services listed on our platform.

You will be able to see the pricing under packages section after singing up as an accountant/Service provider. 

A quick comparison is listed below. 



Using our dashbaord, youThe Partner Area is where you will have a complete overview and control of your activity. You can action cases, amend your profile and pricing strategy and view management information providing you with complete confidence and control, whilst enabling you to maximise your productivity.

  • Dashboard – An overview of the firm, signups, prospects/leads & call back request information. 
  • Firms: List of firms, Firms profile, Services offered, fee etc. 
  • Leads: List of all your current & past leads which you will be able to filter and see. 
  • Reviews: Reviews left by your customers, and you will be able to respond to those reviews. 
  • Feedback: It allows you to send us feedback and suggestion about our platform.
  • Packages: Here you’ll be able to see all the packages and and you’ll be able to compare those packages.
  • FAQ’s: A frequently asked question list for your ease.

As soon as a client/prospect has signed up with you or shown interest via request a call back feature etc, you will be notified via email. You’ll be able to sign in and get the lead details and will be able to get in touch with the client/lead. 

This completely depends on the package, if you are on Pay as you go package you will have to pay to retrieve the details. 

You will have your own company profile, like any other social media platform. You will be able to add logo, Contact details, hours of work, payment acceptance methods, terms of engagements, social media links and much more. This will be managed and maintain by you, giving you full control of what you wish to display. 

You’ll be able to edit, update your profile for free. 

One of the main reason of launching this platform is, you get qualified leads. 

Over the period we noticed, accountants spend hours and hours taking to clients, who are either not serious or cannot afford them or may be the firm is not right sized firm for the client. Therefore, Via our platform, a client will only get in touch with you when they know you are right for them.  As business will will be able to compare you with the similar firm using different filters such as  location, qualification, reviews and price. In a nutshell, apples are compare with apples via our platform.  Once a business has reviewed your profile, they will either signup directly or contact you for further information.


Though majority of small businesses like to pay fixed monthly or yearly fee, but some firms still charge according to the time spent on clients affairs. 

During our market research, we came to pricing mechanism which allows you to charge as per the growth of the business. So you’ll have an ability to add fee according to the turnover and work involved.

If you are still not comfortable, you can add notes under what’s included section or simply choose to be confirmed. 

In order to ensure there is transparency, there is an option to add scope of work under each service. 


We understand how difficult it is to run a firm. Our platform allows you to showcase your services locally and nationally. It’s like having another shop of office, from where you will be able to get business without losing anything. Our aim is to help you to grow and expand your business with us. 


As mentioned above the platform is free for to list your firm if you don’t want to sign up for the monthly packages. So you are not losing anything. It’s dead simple, you only pay when you get the lead.

If you are on monthly subscriptions, all your money paid to us will be spent to advertise your firm via different channels. What else do you want? 

No, it’s not! We have set several parameters and filters for small businesses to ensure that they choose the right Accountant or a Business Tax Adviser for their business.

The site will allow you to find an Accountant or a Tax advisers, according to their fee, qualification, ratings and distance from your business location.

Natural & Paid Referencing: 

SEO specialists, we are present on search engines specific to individuals seeking accountants or tax related services for their business. Moreover, we intend to spent subscription you pay to us,  on advertising to get you more clients. 
Advertise via Social media:
We communicate on social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn to appeal to individuals & Business. We would do social media optimization and paid adverts to get you business. 
Exhibition/Trade shows:
We will be attracting traffic via exhibitions & trade shows. We aim is to grow your business so that we can grow too.
Advertisement via Partners:
We will advertise your business and attracting traffic through our partners website/channels. 
Remember!  Together we grow

Still not sure?

If you still have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us. One of our experts will be happy to answer all your questions.