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The UK accounting industry is valued at £35 billion, with 12 million tax returns filed in 2022. The sector encompasses 4.3 million self-employed workers, over 5.32 million companies, 900k partnerships, and saw 420k new incorporations. Tap this market with Accountingfirms.co.uk.

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Our platform allows swift, streamlined process to businesses to identify, compare, and engage a suitable professional in under two minutes. This frees up valuable time for businesses and accountants to focus on their core operations.

Did you Know?

  • A third of the accountancy and tax advice profession does not belong to any professional body.
  • They also cause two-thirds of complaints to HMRC.
  • 51% of small businesses had to hire a qualified accountant to correct mistakes made by unqualified accountants.
  • 6 out of 10 people were unaware that accountants could practise without a qualification.
    42% of small businesses have lost money due to poor accounting.
  • 45% (or £16bn) of the tax gap is due to taxpayer error and failure to take reasonable care.
  • A staggering £1.13 billion was lost to error and fraud in R&D claims in 2021.
  • Adding to the urgency, HMRC’s recent discussions on raising standards in tax advice highlight the necessity of a platform like accountingfirms.co.uk

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