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PAYE Tax Coding

Under the PAYE ‘Real Time Information’ scheme employers report to HMRC electronically before making any salary or wage payments. To ensure that

Future for Tax Payments

The government receives its tax money on different dates depending upon the type of tax charged. Taxpayers taxed under PAYE usually pay

Matching principle accounting

You keep on hearing this business concept that “Spend money to earn it”.  This idea helps you to realise the matching principle

Companies Limited by Guarantee

Companies Limited by Guarantee (CLG) are private companies that do not have shares or shareholders but instead have members called ‘guarantors’. The

What is Partnership

Before embarking on a business venture, you first need to choose the business structure that suits your circumstances. Broadly, there are three

What is Public liability Insurance

Public liability insurance (also called PL insurance) is one of the main types of business insurance that covers businesses of all sizes,

Covid-19 Support Payments

If you are self-employed and you received Covid-19 support payments during the pandemic, you may need to report these on your self-assessment

What is Working Capital

There are a lot of ways to work out the financial health of a business. Though profit and a growing customer base

Normal Minimum Pension Age

The normal minimum pension age (NMPA) is the age at which most pension savers can access their pensions without incurring an unauthorised

reduced VAT rate for hospitality and leisure

The hospitality and leisure industry were particularly hard hit by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns. To help the

How to Buy Shares in a Company

Wondering how to buy shares in a company? In this blog, we’ll discuss some super easy steps to help you out with

Non-Disclosure Agreements

You can’t run a business by keeping everything hidden from the others. There are many instances where businesses need to share their

Electric Charging Points

As part of the Government’s push to encourage drivers to ‘go electric’, the Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, announced an extension to a

Types Of Profit

To make your business successful, you need to earn more profit. The bottom line (net profit) of the income statement of your

Register for Child Benefit

If you are responsible for bringing up a child who is under the age of 16, or under the age of 20

What is a Lead Generation

Curious to know what is lead generation? It is the sales process of attracting customers to your products or services. The end

What is GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on 25th May 2018. GDPR is a long-planned data protection regulation enforced to

Deposits from Tenants

A landlord will normally take a deposit from a tenant when letting a property to cover the cost of any damage caused

Performance Improvement Plan

Humans can’t perform at their best all the time. There are ups and downs in everyone’s life. It happens that most of

Reporting Income from Property

The deadline for filing the 2020/21 self-assessment tax return online is 31 January 2022. If you received income from property, you may

Residential Property Developer Tax

Legislation has been published in a draft which will bring a new tax – the Residential Property Developer Tax (RPDT) onto the

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Mistakes happen everywhere, by everyone. These are unavoidable. You learn so many new things by making mistakes. However, sometimes, in the professional

But To Let Tax

The tax implications and legal obligations of investing in buy to let properties rather than buying a residential home vary to a

register for the Construction Industry Scheme

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) requires registration of anyone who works in that industry, be that a sole trader or a company.