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How to Brand Yourself

No matter you’re a freelancer, small business or a big entrepreneur, branding is your today’s need. In fact, we’re so surrounded by

ways of deferring CGT
How to succeed in business

Every business owner dream to achieve success, but most of them don’t know how to get there. You need to do a

How to Name a Business

Congratulations, if you have decided to kick-start your business venture! It means that you have got a great idea. You’ve started working

Bed and breakfasting rules

Throughout an accounting period, a director will withdraw monies from the company against the director’s loan account (DLA), the withdrawals being satisfied

Market Segmentation

If you want to improve the effectiveness of the marketing strategy of your business, you can’t overlook the importance of market segmentation.

What is a Franchise

If you are up for getting a franchise rather than starting a new business, you need to do your research carefully beforehand

What is VAT Exempt in the UK

If you have registered for VAT, you will find a range of goods and services that are exempted from the VAT. A

HMRC can Write Off Arrears

The Adjudicators Office (AO) is a little known but powerful government department independent of HMRC. Its remit is to rule on whether

4 Ps of Marketing

Whether you’re a marketing professional or you’re just starting out, you can’t overlook the importance of an effective marketing strategy to promote

What is Memorandum of Sale

Whether you’re thinking of selling your property, buying a new property, or already in the process of buying and selling in the

what is Acquisition in Business

Acquiring a company can be a great way to expand your business. Alike merging, acquisition can bring new customers, distribution channels, skills

Settlement Provisions and Dividends

When an asset is placed within a trust it is termed as being ‘settled’. However, the tax legislation defines the word ‘settlement’

How To Calculate Goodwill

Goodwill is considered an intangible asset in accounting that increases its value over time. The concept of goodwill arrives when you purchase

things to know before starting a business

The excitement and aspiration of many business enthusiasts suddenly vanish when they came to know the pitfalls and challenges that come along,

NIC Implications of Private Bills

Working from home during the Coronavirus pandemic created a range of tax issues, not least where private bills, such as for internet

Gaps In The Market

Want to start your own business or expand the existing one? Wondering how to find a gap in the market? Read on

Key Performance Indicators

Whether you want to measure your business success; want to find out its performance and the areas where it needs improvements, you

How to do Payroll

If you’re a business owner in the UK, you need to process payroll for your employees. Though it looks straightforward, but the

Spouse’s Allowable Losses

Spouses and civil partners benefit from special rules for capital gains tax purposes which allow them to transfer assets between them at

what is a trademark

For hundreds of years, trademarks have been used on the traders’ goods to indicate their ownership. According to the UK’s Intellectual Property

Shared Ownership

Shared ownership can enable an individual to own a stake in a property where they would not otherwise be able to get

What is POS System

Wondering what is POS system? How does it work? What are the functionalities of POS systems? What are the types and components

Business Asset Rollover Relief

Furnished holiday lettings have a number of tax advantages compared to standard residential lets, and one of the key ones is the