What is Direct Selling? Types, Tips, Pros and Cons

what is direct selling

Direct selling is one of the most affordable business choices you can make. It’s more flexible and requires less effort than indirect selling. It reduces your marketing cost, ongoing expenses and creates a long-term relationship with your customers. In today’s blog, we’ll explore what is direct selling? its types, its pros and cons and some tips to improve it.

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What is Direct Selling?

It is the practice of selling products without specifying a retail location like online, at home, and other areas that are not stores or warehouses. This practice doesn’t require a middleman who further distributes the items like retailers and wholesalers. Here items are directly transferred from the manufacturing company to the sales company, at last reaching the customers without the interference of distributors and agents.

Generally, the directly sold goods are not available in normal retail locations. Many B2B companies use direct selling to send their items to their end customers. You should note that direct selling does not refer to direct marketing.

Types of Direct Selling:

Normally there are three major types of direct selling. More than one method can be used to get a certain result. These methods overlap to each other which are:

1. Single Level Direct Sales:

In this type of direct selling, the interaction between the seller and the customer is one-to-one and face to face. It can be door-to-door meetings, in-person meetings, and online meetings. In most cases, the income earned in this way is based on sales commission along with the bonuses. Sales rep sell the product of a company to earn.

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2. Host or party plan Sales:

Contrary to the individual setting, this sale is intended for group settings. The rep can provide a presentation on behalf of his company in his own home or the customers’ home. The major way to host plan sales is by conducting a social event offering products for getting sales. There’re many people who host social events to sell their products.

3. Multi-level marketing (MLM):

Multi-level marketing is the practice of selling goods and services by using both single-level or party plan sales. The job of this MLM salesperson is to recruit other salespeople for selling. Income earned through MLA is based on sales commission and the money received from sales made by the partners. Many people do MLM from home that is a very difficult, expensive, and restricted job.

Tips for getting Direct Sales:

The tips and tactics for selling products may differ due to multiple reasons. But, these are some of the general tips for getting direct sales:

  • Prefer to build a relationship rather than selling
  •  Maintain a detailed record of the customers
  • Be well aware of your selling product
  • Expand your network
  • Learn and improve
  • Organize your selling environment
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Pros of Direct Sales:

  • You can start it individually and don’t need many teams members
  • No interference of middleman
  • Opportunity to work from home
  • No boundaries, qualifications, or any special skill is required.
  • Convenient and flexible working hours

Cons of  Direct Sales:

  • Can turn into an illegal pyramid scheme
  • Requires time, money and manpower to expand the business
  • It is uninvited that customer may dislike

Quick Wrap up:

Now, that you’re well aware about what is direct selling. You should also know that there are hundreds of ways to promote your sales through direct selling. To be successful in this field are you should be hard-working, dedicated, and build networking to sell your business. It is advisable to research before selling something. Consider it a business otherwise you won’t succeed.

Best of luck!

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Disclaimer: This blog is intended to provide general information about the topic.

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