Register of Overseas Entities: Guidance

register of overseas entities

By the Economic Crime, 2022 ROE was introduced which is known as the Register of overseas entities. This will be practised by the companies house in the UK and will keep track of the required details that prove the UK properties owned by overseas entities. This will also serve the cause of revealing the identity of who are the beneficial owners in this regard. This is important because the government is getting help to go against economic crimes through this act. This will also bring in the factor of transparency in the economic matter and the solutions will be sorted out.

Moreover, there is a requirement to keep track of new information shared by the companies house, parliament or other official bodies to be on the right track. In this guide, you will gather information through a detailed overview of the register of overseas entities. There are several official websites available with the basic guidelines. However, this comprehensive guide is based on frequently asked queries. Let us get further delved into the discussion to learn more about the relevant facts.


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Who Needs to Register with Companies House?

As mentioned earlier that overseas entities are required to register with the companies house. This will be done through ROE. This will also allow the recording of the details of the beneficial owners. This only happens if the relevant entity meets any of the following mentioned conditions:

  1. If the entity aims to make certain deposits.
  2. If the entity is aiming to qualify for the estate.
  3. The entity is already a qualified estate and is already a registered entity with the land registry.

Moreover, to be a legal entity, it has to be ensured that the entity is governed by the law as well. This could be even possible outside of the UK.


What does the Application need to be submitted to Companies House?

Once you decide to get in touch with the companies house and begin the process, you will have to gather certain details and information in this regard. this could possibly include the basic details like the constant details and the complete name. This is to get in touch with the reference of the application. Following are the salient points to notice here:

  1. There must be at least one beneficial owner, this is to ensure that somebody is there to take responsibility for the information and other matters.
  2. The managing officer and the relevant staff information will also be required to provide in this process.
  3. The beneficial owners must be registered.


What Information Needs to be Included in the Application?

Once you begin the process of the registration of the overseas entity, you will be required certain documentation to complete the procedure. This could belong the information about basic details of the trust like the owner and other relevant details, the legal entity of the beneficial owner, whether the beneficial owner is a separate individual or not, and what is the country of incorporation, email address and the address of the service to be used in this regard.


Is There a Requirement for a Third Party to Verify the Required Information to be Filed on the ROE?

So if you are the owner of the overseas entity, you will have to go through the process of double-checking the provided information before the procedure of registering on the ROE is started. This is to ensure that the provided information is authentic and that there are no fake documents in order to avoid a hassle in the future. A UK-supervised and relevant person will be involved in this checking.

There is a requirement for he UK-based agent who can carry out this procedure of checking. So it is imperative to know here that the person who comes for the checking must be a registered and UK-based agent to begin the procedure of verification.


Who can Make the Application at Companies House?

To make the application the process must be completed by the UK-based agent or by the overseas entity to do itself. According to the companies house, it will be a lot more easier and professional if the agent is involved completing the process.

This will even help to avoid mistakes and any further hassle of the incomplete process. This can cause damage and penalties in the future if a mistake is found. So before the necessary elements of the verification start, you must be aware of the people involved in the process and how to carry it.


Who has access to the Register of Overseas Entities?

The members of the public totally have the right to the access registration of the overseas entity. In this process, the individuals who are involved can even apply for the protection of the information that they are sharing for access.

Sometimes people are concerned that sharing such information relevant for the sake of access can be risky as there are several other factors and people moved in the process and there is a chance of information disclosure to other people, there is a possibility of applying for the protection. This is to avoid the disclosure of your information and to avoid the factor of risk involved at this stage.


The Bottom Line

Now that you have gathered a fair amount of information about the register of overseas entities, we can bring the discussion towards wrapping up. There is no doubt that the registration of overseas entities becomes a complicated process due to the many factors involved at different stages. This is why professionals always recommend keeping the factor of keeping your information protected up for application. This will be easy and safe for you to be income in to be the access person for the procedure. We hope these few minutes of reading will help you to develop a better understanding of how to handle the registration of overseas entities.


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Disclaimer: The information about the register of overseas entities in the UK provided in this blog includes text and graphics of general nature. It does not intend to disregard any of the professional advice.