How to Forecast Sales for your Business the Right Way

how to do sales forecast

Many of our customers frequently ask: How to do sales forecast? If you’re also looking to find out the answer, it means you’re eager and optimistic about your company’s future. But forecasting the sales and predicting the revenue from it is a daunting process as it needs deep expertise and knowledge to see the future of your business.

In this blog, we’ll discusses how sales forecasting is important, what are its strategies and how to do sales forecast.


Importance of Sales Forecasting:

Sales forecasting act as a foundation step to make important business decisions. After doing a sales forecast, you can easily prepare balance sheet, profit & loss statement and cash flow statement of your company.

A sales forecast is actually used for setting goals for your company and to pursue those goals. It should answer what will you achieve after few months, year or after a decade. It should tell how many customers you’re going to get after a certain period and how much will a customer spend on your product. The sales forecast will answer all these questions that are related to your company’s future.


 Sales Forecasting Strategies:

There are multiple methods that are used for sales forecasting. Here is the list of the most popular ones:

 Sales Forecasting Strategies:

  • Lead-driven forecasting
  • Multivariable analysis
  • Length of sales cycle forecasting
  • Opportunity stage forecasting
  • Intuitive forecasting
  • Historical forecasting
  • Test-market analysis forecasting

You can use these forecasting strategies based on the information you possess, the results you want to achieve and the level of confidence you have in a certain forecast.

Find out which strategy suits you the best!


How to do sales forecast?

It is the number of goods and services you are willing to sell in a certain period you’re forecasting for. These are some common steps to forecast sales:

  • Listing the goods and services that you want to sold
  • Estimating the quantity of each item to be sold
  • Multiplying the price with the number of units sold
  • Finding the price of each good or service
  • Subtracting total cost from the total sales

If you are running a large business, hiring a professional would be worthwhile. Ask our experts for help!


Quick Sum Up:

Hope you have got an idea of how to do sales forecast. You should note that sales forecasting is not as hard as you think. You can also do it yourself as you’re well aware of your customers and the market. Therefore, you can also forecast your sales, isn’t it?

Still, if you’re unable to do it due to a tough schedule. Reach out to our team for professional accountants for support.


Disclaimer: This blog is for your general information on sales forecsat.

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