Hiring the Right Accountant and Tax Advisor for Your Business

choosing an accountant or tax advisor

It is important to choosing an accountant and tax advisor for your company with caution. Here is how you can do it.

If it is your first time hiring an accountant or advisor, you should know many fake accountants are offering their services. They are not associated with any professional body or possess qualified.

Few of them have the experience, yet they are nothing compared to fully qualified members of an authorised professional body.

A competent accountant is properly qualified and given the legal title by relevant bodies. Their qualification comprises knowledge, ethics, and relevant experience.

The rightfully qualified accountants keep their skills up-to-date and upgrade their knowledge for continuous professional development. They report the up-gradation to relevant professional organisations. The rightful professionals must follow the protocols to hold their Professional Indemnity Insurance.


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What Should You Consider While Looking for an Accountant or Tax Adviser?

  • While looking for a Tax Adviser, check that the accountancy firm has the right type of advice for you.
  • If you are running a business, check the firms already dealing with and providing accountancy services to businesses of your size. They will be more understanding of your problems.
  • Check whether they have experience advising clients in the same industry and sector as your business.
  • Look at whether they offer complete taxation and accountancy services or not. For instance, if you are looking for an auditor, check out whether their accountant is authorised to do so or not.
  • Check for their market reputation by asking for previous clients’ reviews and testimonials.
  • Check if they are acceptable to third parties like shareholders.
  • Inquire about their qualifications and particular needs. Likewise, check whether they have Professional indemnity Insurance or not.
  • How can you contact them, and are they easily approachable or not?


Research Before Making a Decision:

  • There are numerous qualified Chartered Accountants in the UK. Therefore, take your time before finalising the one for your company. Check their website and see whether they offer your desired services.
  • Shortlist a few from the list and arrange a meeting with them individually. It will help you know how you will be working with them.
  • Ensure you have informed them about your communication with HRMC if you are starting a business.
  • Ask for their tips for improving the way you keep accounting records.
  • Make sure you know who will be working for your business and how you can contact them.
  • Check that the first meeting is free of cost or they charge per appointment.


Consider Charges:

  • Considering the charges before finalising the accountant is necessary. Check the fee basis and ask for an estimate.
  • The account advisers seek business account records if you ask for relevant services. It might cost additional fees to prepare VAT returns or manage/run a payroll.
  • Check the charges for compiling the business plan. If you have one, ask for the improvement recommendations and its charges.
  • You can minimise the fee by doing some of the tasks yourself. In the first meeting, you can ask the relevant advisor about it.
  • Before buying a software package, ask the advisor for the best economical packages as it can save their time and your fees.


Steps After Hiring Advisor:

  • Once you have hired an accountant, you will receive a letter from the advisor with the details of their services.
  • You should contact the accounting advisor and inform them about any changes in your personal or business circumstances.
  • The account advisor will inform you about the future tax liabilities once they prepare for running year tax documentation.
  • It would help if you informed the accountant about big changes, like selling any asset or retirement plan or giving/donating any interest in the business.
  • Ensure you check the advisers’ fee charges and monitor that they continuously provide the assigned services.


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Disclaimer: The information provided on AccountingFirms.co.uk is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice. Always consult with a professional accountant to ensure compliance with UK laws and regulations.