4 Tips to Find An Accountant Near You

find an accountant

A good accountant near you is like a breath of fresh air. Especially when the tax return deadlines are coming near. But how to find an accountant near you that helps you get the most value out of your business. Here are some smart ways to find the right tax accountant:

1- Know the Credentials of your Accountants 

Make sure you’re taking a look at the credentials of the accountant you want to bring onboard. Accounting consultants that are members of ICAEW, ACCA, ICMA should be your preference. Another way is to take a look at their reviews to figure out if they’ve worked with organizations similar to yours. 

2- Look for Industry Specific Accountants

An industry-specific accountant never disappoints. Find an accountant that has already worked on a similar project to yours, so you can count on them to get everything done right. You can take recommendations from people you trust. After all, word of mouth advertising among your circle is always the safest one. 

3- Compare the Prices

At times accountants give you an estimated price and leave you perplexed as the quote arrives. That’s not what you had decided earlier. Make sure you request a quote the moment you lock a deal. Let’s say you and the accounting firm/consultant agrees on one price after intense negotiation. That’s the right time to request a quote. Platforms like Accounting Firms allow you to compare the prices under three minutes, along with the qualification and experience of an accountant. 

4- Look for Something Extra

You’re not just looking for some bookkeeper, you want something extra. Most people look out for keywords like ‘tax advice near me’ because they’re completely oblivious of what are they getting into. What taxes are they eligible for, and what’s up with the latest government policies. Find an accountant who helps you out with actionable insights. Have that discussion with your accountant to figure out if he’s good with insights and helping you out with making the right decisions too. 

You always find a product/service near you but is it good enough is what really matters. Find an accountant that has industry expertise, the right problem-solving abilities and business/strategic advice you can rely on. Good luck finding one!

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