What is the easiest way to find a bookkeeper?

find a bookkeeper

Record keeping may sound boring or a burden to you, but for a business, it is the backbone of every financial dealing. On any given day, the business owner may want the receipt of the previous deal he made. Also, your accountant will be needing this record to prepare annual accounts. Therefore, choosing a bookkeeper for your company is the most important decision that you make. 

Finding a bookkeeper who is actually a keeper is nothing short of a proper task. We will see some ways for you to find a bookkeeper worthy of your business. 


A bookkeeper has to be sharp and consistent with his effort. The moment you get slow with his task, the next minute he/she will miss something important. If your bookkeeper is letting things slip under his eyes, he will take your business down with him. With bookkeeping, you have to be on the money every time. 

Ask around 

You can ask for referrals and dial some numbers from your contact list to inquire about the potential bookkeepers. It is better to ask someone who knows about the requirements and give you the best possible recommendation. It is always better than to go on a blind hunch.

Go with an accounting firm 

Hiring a solo bookkeeper may be a good idea, but going with an accounting firm with all services sound way more efficient. A full-service can provide you from bookkeeping to accounts, payroll, tax return and much more. They use the latest software and help you choose the best tax year and accounting method. 

Check their method

Some people hire a bookkeeper without knowing their modus operandi. You cannot buy something unless you know all about its components and how it works. Ask what software they use what other techniques he/she has in his arsenal. The last person you should be working with is the one who hides details from you. Make sure to fetch access to all accounting files. 

Business-friendly individual 

No one knows and understands your business better than yourself. But you can find individuals who have experience of working in your domain. They know everything about your business and its complexities. A person who doesn’t know a thing about your business can make some costly errors. 

Go to the internet 

All of the above-mentioned things to assess a bookkeeper are good and they work as soon as you find a bookkeeper. You have to take the first step and what better medium to do it than the internet itself. You can always ask Google, but it will leave you with your head spinning with so many irrelevant search results. 

There are other alternatives. To find a bookkeeper, use Accounting Firms platform. It will give you apt and focused results and allows you to make fee and services comparisons. You can pick the best choice without any fuss because every accountant you will come across this platform is verified and allowed to put their profile after multiple checks to give you the best possible experience. 

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