What is Companies House?

what is companies house

In the business department, the role of companies house comes under the section of government. Along with this skills and innovation are also considered related to this. The beginners who are associated with the business world often tend to ask what is companies house. The regulations and operations of the limited companies and limited liability partnerships are incorporated under this system. All the companies that are registered in the UK are operational in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and England. When it comes to the major roles of the companies house, it has to maintain a check on the relevant information about the limited companies, and limited liability companies.

This information is then streamlined in the companies house register to be available for the general public as well as other businesses in the industry. Generally, this information can access online easily. The availability of electronic data is totally free for the public to access. This is the unique and prominent factor for the UK industry to be the only country that has maintained an open electronic register that is free to access by the public. This allows the public to monitor the recent and updated information on the industry. This involves the actions of relevant business activities to become more manageable.


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What is Companies House?

Companies house refers to an agency that is known to be an executive agency. This is generally sponsored by the business department. The main role of the companies house is to incorporate or dissolve the limited companies. The record maintaining and examining the information related to these incorporated companies also come under the major roles of the companies house. The updated information about these companies is then easily accessible to the public and the process of updating the information in case any changes are reserved over a certain period of time.


What are the Types of Businesses That are Registered at Companies House?

It is one of the major roles of the companies house to get the incorporation of the limited companies approved. It is allowable to register a limited company online with the help of a company formation representative or agents. Web Incorporation Services can also be helpful in this regard. The other way out is to set up the company and initiate the registration process by post by sending the paper application form. Unincorporated business structures like sole traders and general partnerships are never dealt with by the companies house. You must be wondering about the types of businesses that you can register at companies house, these include the following listed types:

  • International companies
  • Limited liability partnership
  • Limited partnership
  • European Economic Interest Groupings (GP04)
  • European public businesses
  • The private limited company by guarantee (no share capital)
  • The private limited company by share
  • Private unlimited company
  • Public limited company (PLC)

According to research, there are millions of companies registered with companies house. It is allowable to make them constantly accessible to the public. Every year, thousands of new companies are formed for incorporation.


What Services are Offered by Companies House?

The prominent services include the online formation of the companies and this is a free facility. The companies house also maintains a detailed register with the information of incorporated companies and this is publically accessible information. Electronic data handling and electronic filing are also offered to the incorporated companies. The public can have a lot of information about the updates of the business health is also available for the public.


1- Companies House Direct

Companies house direct is known to be a subscription service, this is for the general access of the incorporated limited companies information to the public. It is possible for the client to search by the company name. There is an option of creating an account if you wish to take the benefit on a regular basis.


2- Web Check of Companies House

All the limited companies that are registered in the UK can be accessed for the relevant information through this web check service offered by the companies house. There are several documents that can be directly searched and then downloaded as well. However, there is a small administrative charge for a few reports in the process.


3- Web Filing of Companies House

This is known to be a substitute that works in place of the filing service. This will help the limited companies to deliver the information and relevant documents online to the companies house. This will save the time that you might spend on the post service. It is known to be a lot more efficient, and less time-consuming to send any kind of information related to the companies.


4- Beta Service of Companies House

Beta service is totally free to avail offered by the companies house. This will allow access to public data. This is only allowable for businesses that are registered in the UK.


The Bottom Line

Now that you have gathered a fair amount of information about what is companies house, we can say that companies house plays a vital role in the business world and keeping a record of the registered companies that are incorporated in the UK. However, there are a few services that are not offered or easily accessible because they are paid and the client has to go through a certain process to take that benefit. We hope these few minutes of reading have helped you to develop a better understanding and you will be able to avail the services offered by the companies house more consciously now.


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Disclaimer: All the information provided in this article on what is companies house, including all the texts and graphics, is general in nature. It does not intend to disregard any of the professional advice.