What is UK Film Tax Relief and How Do I Claim?

uk film tax relief

If you are an individual who is involved with the creative industry, you must have the idea that it tends to be quite expensive when it comes to the filming business. However, if you are related to the professional film business, the help at hand is also available in this case. This is to the initiative that the government has taken for the UK film tax relief. Film tax relief is often known as the FTR as well. And this is possible to save a significant amount of money if you are eligible to get film tax relief. This does not matter what the film budget or expense budget you have, you can make the applications without any such limitations. This will also benefit small productions.


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What Refers to the Film Tax Relief?

In simple words, we can say that film tax relief is known to be an initiative by the government of British to support the creative industries. This is a kind of scheme that gives relief to the film industry in order to flourish more and make a mark in the industry. The cost of filing for the production teams will be at ease after availing the benefits of the initiative scheme announced by the government. Other professional entities that are making the films can also get the benefits. This includes the companies that are into TV shows and video games for the consumption of society.


How Much Amount Can I Save Through the Tax Relief?

When it’s to the film production companies that are eligible for tax relief because they are qualifying the criteria in the UK, all film production companies will be considered. How much amount will be given in form of the tax relief will depend on how much your core expenditures. There are several examples of film production companies availing such benefits around you that will inspire you to look into the relief criteria for you.


How Do Film Tax Credits Work?

You can be a co-production or an independent production company in the film industry, you will have to make it evident that the end result of the production will be related to the British film. This will require you to pass the UK film tax credit cultural test. This is normally handled by the BFI. The Department of Media, Sports, and Culture will come under this eligible category. You will be given a certificate that will be easy to prove that you are the one who is eligible to get the film tax credits.


How Can I Apply for Film Tax Relief?

The first and prior thing to do is to get your company verified by the BFI. After the level of qualifying is done, it becomes easy for you to claim the film tax relief. The amount that you owe according to the details of your company will be given right in time by the give rennet to support your productions and make a mark in the industry of film. In case of receiving the interim certificate, you will have to apply for the full certificate to complete the process without any hassle.

Moreover, HMRC will require you to submit the complete state in this regard. In case you fail to provide the full certificate as a submission to HMRC, you will have to return the amount that you have received as a film tax relief because of the lack of correct documentation. Because the processing will not be completed in this way.


The Bottom Line

Now that you have gathered a fair amount of information about what is the UK film tax relief and how it beneficial for you, we can bring the discussion towards wrapping up. Once the eligibility of the film tax relief in the UK is just according to the given criteria, the next step is to complete all the required documentation in this regard. If you fail to provide the complete papers and the documents, you will not get the amount you are expecting. Not only this, you will have to return the amounts if you have received anything earlier in the form of tax relief. We hope these few minutes of reading will help you better understand the film tax relief and how it is helpful for your needs in the future.


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Disclaimer: The information about the UK film tax relief provided in this blog includes text and graphics of general nature. It does not intend to disregard any of the professional advice.