Top 5 Successful small business ideas in UK

Small Business Ideas UK

If you’ve decided to start your own business in 2021, that’s great. On the contrary, if you’re yet to set up your small business, we have compiled successful small business ideas in the UK to get started.

Despite the Covid-crises, statistics have shown a great number of rises in small business owners since 2020. It means you have got a golden opportunity to establish your own business in 2021. We’re here to list down 5 successful small business ideas in the UK. Let’s explore them.

5 Successful Small Business Ideas UK

Though there are thousands of small business ideas but we have only selected 5 with further divisions to provide a close look to you.

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1- Food and Beverage Business:

Whilst the coronavirus pandemic, the food, and beverage industry has got the boom. Many restaurants and hotels start selling more from their area and most of them do takeaways only.  The food trends in the UK have recently changed from market food to local and homemade food. We have collected different food business ideas for you:

  • Home-based Baking Business
  • Takeaway and delivery


2- Creative Small Business Ideas:

Many people have turned their hobbies into business during the leisure time in Covid times. According to the statistics, almost 24% of the people of the UK have started working on creative small businesses after the outbreak of pandemic. Here are some creative small business ideas:

  • Coffee Shop Business
  • Gardening Business
  • Catering Business
  • Candle Business
  • Jewelry Business


3- Retail Business:

According to the reports of Statistica, around 87% of the people in the UK have done online purchases since the pandemic. Therefore, there is a large potential for the branding of your own product or selling someone else. Here are some well-known retail businesses to start in 2021.

  • E-Commerce/Online Shop
  • Clothing Business


4- Service Business:

Most of the businesses are providing their services to establish their brand. In covid, most of the businesses start providing services online but some businesses still come to your home for services. Here is the most important service business:

  • Cleaning company
  • Courier Business
  • Freelancing
  • Teaching

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5- Health Business:

Health business is one of the largest and reputable business ideas to start as people are more concerned about health and fitness after the pandemic. For this reason, there are large opportunities in the health industry, especially during the covid-times. Some common business ideas in this field are:

  • Consultation and Personal Training
  • On-demand Health and Wellness


Quick Sum Up:

The top 5 successful small business ideas in the UK were meant for inspirational and motivational purposes. You can adopt these business ideas to start your business venture. So, doing research and planning with creating a business plan beforehand will be a great start.

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Disclaimer: This blog provides a general overview of small business ideas.

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