How to Get Your SA302 from HMRC if you are Applying for Mortgage?

SA302 tax calculation

When you are associated with the employment status of being self-employed in the UK, you might need the SA302 form often. This form is used for SA302 tax calculation as well as to make your income evident in certain situations. Applying for a mortgage is one of the famous situations that makes people need to form SA302 several times. However, it is imperative to know the basics related to this form before getting into the procedure that might require it.

In this comprehensive guide, we have got everything covered that you need to know about SA302 tax calculation. This involves the discussion of what is SA302 tax calculation, why is it needed in certain situations, how can you get the form SA302 from HMRC, and the relevant tax breakdown to do it.


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What is the SA302 Tax Calculation?

The form SA302 refers to a document that plays the role to make your income and other earnings evident. This is usually based on the self-assessment tax returns that you have done recently. Along with working as evidence of your income, it explains the tax breakdown as well. SA302 form is related to tax calculations and owns two prominent parts in it. These are the additional tax overview and the tax calculations.


What is the Need for an SA302 Tax Calculation Form?

Are you the one who is planning to hop on the and apply for a personal loan, business loan, or mortgage? Well before you get into the process, it is imperative to understand here that the immediate need for documents will have the name SA302. This is because the lender needs to trust you before he begins to deal with you. The SA302 will help show the details of your income and tax breakdown after you provide it. This is how the lender will view you as someone who can really afford the repayments.

Moreover, the case of the full-time employment status applicants is different. They can make their income and tax details evident by using their payslips and even form P60. This is because they are associated with the PAYE system when hired by a company. Form SA302 is most suitable for individuals who fall outside of the PAYE because of their employment status of being self-employed. This will help the lender further to witness an accurate overview of your income.


What is the Way to Receive the SA302 Tax Calculation Form from HMRC?

Many of you must be wondering by now about getting the form SA302 from HMRC. Well, this is an easy process, you can access your form online from account HMRC. It is important to mention here that the tax calculations you can access through this form are only from the last four years and that too when you have filed the self-assessment tax returns successfully in every tax year.

Keep the margin of around 72 hours after you apply for the form. This is the usual time that HMRC takes to provide the form SA302. Further, this will allow you to receive the most updated information in your form. You can use the following steps to get the form SA302 from HMRC:

  1. You need to log in to the online account of HMRC.
  2. Go to the part of self-assessment.
  3. Access to more self-assessment details.
  4. Click on get SA302 tax calculations.
  5. Then go to the printing option for getting the printout of your tax review and tax calculation.


Tax Breakdown

Sometimes people prefer to submit their tax returns using the software. Now when you need to get the tax breakdown details in hard copy, you can directly go to the self-assessment section of your account and simply print the tax breakdown page. There are several software’s that are accepted by lenders as evidence of your income. This works just similarly to form SA302.  This will work just fine as the official documents in the process of applying for the mortgage and dealing with lenders.


The Bottom Line

Now that you have gathered a fair amount of information about SA302 tax calculation in the UK, we can bring the discussion towards wrapping up. When you need to apply for a mortgage and deal with lenders, the prior is to provide them with an official document that can evident your income. The form SA302 work just according to the requirements. This is most suitable when you are working as a self-employed individual. We hope these few minutes of reading have helped you to develop a better understanding of SA302 tax calculation and how it is beneficial in the UK.


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Disclaimer: All the information provided in this article on SA302 tax calculation in the UK, including all the texts and graphics, is general in nature. It does not intend to disregard any of the professional advice.