How to Write an Executive Summary for Your Marketing Plan

how to write an executive summary

Executive Summary is crucial to design and lay a roadmap to follow for launching your product and promoting it. If you’re running a start-up or any other new business, you need to plan out an effective marketing plan to set your goals, objectives and strategies to achieve them effectively. Do you know how to write an executive summary?

Laying out a plan and defining their goals and strategies at the start of a business increases the probability of success in the changing marketing ecosystem. Executive summaries are helpful to understand the requirements and you can direct the resources, manpower and policies in that particular direction and set goals.

Let’s discuss what an executive summary is and how to design an effective and impactful executive for your marketing plan. Moreover, we will give you some beneficial tips as a bonus on the key elements of a marketing executive summary. So, let’s start!


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What is an Executive Summary?

An executive summary is a concise report on the objectives and strategies for carrying out an efficient marketing plan. Besides, an executive summary identifies the customers and their needs and aligns their products with their needs.

Moreover, it introduces the marketing team and company’s objectives and how to raise awareness of the brand. It also highlights the marketing channels to be used for carrying out an effective marketing funnel strategy as different channels are useful at different stages of marketing.


Why is Executive Summary Important for Your Business?

An executive summary provides you analysis or overview of the marketing plan to get the most out of it at the minimum cost and in a restricted time. Marketing is a major part of your business and you cannot follow just any marketing strategy without weighing the pros and cons of each strategy.

Moreover, an effective marketing strategy focused on a company’s goals and customers’ requirements is more likely to succeed than any other random marketing strategy.

Similarly, a planned marketing strategy developed precisely as in the executive summary helps a business identifies and targets the specific customer who needs their product or services. The more targeted a marketing strategy, the higher the probability of increasing sales and ultimately the revenues.

A strategy works best if you have highlighted the unique selling points as it will provide a competitive edge to your business over the rival firms. And, you can attract a larger audience to your business.

Proper market research will make your plan durable and effective in laying out an executive summary and you can design a personalised marketing plan ahead of the actual marketing.


How to Write an Executive Summary for Your Marketing Plan?

A marketing executive summary is a precise introduction, marketing strategy and the objectives of a company and the marketing plan. Each section consists of a precise introduction to give the reader a quick glance at the marketing plan. The executive summary of a marketing plan is not a lengthy and cumbersome document, making it difficult to digest all the information. Instead, a reader can have a bird’s eye view of the whole plan. Are you wondering about how to write an executive summary. The following are the key points of an Executive Summary:

Introduction: The introduction provides the agenda of the document and why it has been designed and for whom. Moreover, it gives information about who has designed this document.

About Company and Marketing Team: The text provides an introduction of the company and the marketing team who will carry out this marketing plan. A precise introduction about the company introduces the industry and the market that will be targeted.

Market Research: After the company introduction, the market trends and innovations are provided with helpful figures and charts. The market research is the core part of the executive summary as it sets the direction for creating content more aligned with the latest market trends.

Customer-driven Marketing Strategy: Identifying the customers and needs helps in laying out an effective marketing plan. Moreover, a strategy to reach those potential customers and engage the loyal customers is also a part of an executive summary.

A Precise Introduction to Marketing Strategies: Lastly, an executive summary consists of the marketing strategies based on the company’s objectives, marketing goals, market trends and customer needs. The marketing strategy must be customer-driven and realistic and it must be based on facts and data to achieve the goals instantly.


Important Points about an Executive Summary

Here are some of the key points a business or marketing manager needs to consider before developing an executive summary. These points will make the executive marketing summary more formal, professional and to the point.

Concise: An executive summary must be concise and to the point. The additional details must be avoided to be on track. A concise report will provide a quick glance of the report, saving time ultimately.

Gather All Information Prior to Designing a Summary: Collect all the information before you jot down all the marketing plans. Gathering all the relevant information helps in deciding which part of the information is relevant and serves the purpose of a summary.

Spend more time on Research: Spending more time on research can help you develop an executive summary more useful and impactful for the growth of your business.

Use of Professional Language: While preparing an executive summary, the language must be professional and concise. It must be free of grammatical errors and mistakes.

Cantered on Marketing Goals: The report must be based on the defined marketing goals, avoiding the use of irrelevant points of discussion. Beating about the bust will make the report less effective and less interesting.

Add the Latest Details: The content, figures and the strategies developed must be latest and current in nature to meet the changing dynamics of the market.


Let’s Conclude

An executive summary for a marketing plan is a precise document. It delivers information and details on a company, its product, services, goals and objectives. Moreover, the document introduces the marketing team of that company. Similarly, market research, customer outreach details and other marketing trends are also a part of this crucial report.

Thorough market research about the goals and the customers makes an executive summary successful and efficient. The summary provides a roadmap toward achieving marketing goals by developing strategies based on market research and customer data. I hope you have found the answer to ‘how to write an executive summary’.


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Disclaimer: The information provided about how to write an executive summary in this article is general in nature. It does not intend to disregard any of the professional advice.