How to Write a Winning Business Proposal?

How To Write A Winning Business Proposal?

As a business owner, you must know how to catch clients. If there’re no clients, it means there’s no business. And for getting clients, you need to convince them that you’re the best fit for their needs. For that, you need to know how to write a winning business proposal.

In today’s competitive world, a business proposal can be a matter of life and death for your business. Nowadays, almost every renowned company needs a business proposal to know whether the business meets their requirements and able to do their task professionally or not. An effective business proposal will answer the relevant questions which your client is searching for.

To write it, you need to do proper planning and research beforehand. Besides, there’re various marketing tactics and sales tips you need to consider to write a strong and winning business proposal. We’d remove all your misconceptions on how to write a winning business proposal in this blog. Let’s crack it!

What is a Business Proposal?

It is a document sent to a potential client or business to engage in a business agreement. A Business proposal is not a business plan rather it helps you to sell your services or product.

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Business Proposal – Types :

There are two types of business proposals:

  1. Unsolicited Business Proposals: Here your client doesn’t ask you for the business proposal rather you send it to get sales.
  2. Solicited Business Proposals: In this type, your client asks you to send proposals.

We know that you are curious to know how to write a winning business proposal. Let’s dig into it!

How to Write a Winning Business Proposal:

Follow the steps below to get your potential customers:

1. Know Your Client’s Pain:

To win a business, you need to find out the pain points of your client. You should know that what your client is looking for to sort out his problem. You should include those points in your business proposal that your client might be thinking about. You can ask questions to know about your client and to show your interest. In addition, you can search about your client online to know more about his business.

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2. Understand the Job’s Requirement:

The next step after getting to know your client is to understand the job requirements. The basic reason for not getting a response from a client is you don’t understand their job requirements. It is advisable to research prior to contacting your client. Questioning can also work here. So, prepare questions before and write them somewhere to not forget. Discuss the issue you may face while doing the project. Try to write it in simple wording and avoid unnecessary questions.

3. Estimate the Work’s Charges:

Before embarking on the project, you should know the charges of your service or products. Generally, a product would have a price tag but you should also know about the other charges of shipping packing, etc. You can estimate your charges by looking at previous projects, the time and energy you put into them, correspondence, and revision time. Ask for extra time where required. After doing that all, start writing your proposal.

4. Points to mention in the Business Proposal:

Here is the list of points, you should not forget to mention in your business proposal.

  • Start with a title
  • Provide executive summary: Answer Why
  • Discuss the scope problem
  • Provide a solution
  • State your qualification and experience
  • Mention terms and conditions
  • Add your cost
  • Add space at last for the signature on agreement

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5. Use a Professional Template:

Use a temple that is simple, attractive, and eye-catching as it is going to determine that whether your client will read your proposal or not. A professional template will show that how much you are interested in the project. Whereas a dull template will divert the attention of the clients and will show your non-seriousness. So make it attractive!

6. Review it:

Make sure to review it to remove typos and mistakes. Write the numerical figures accurately as you may suffer due to a tiny mistake in numbers. Ask your friend to check mistakes. Edit it yourself or hire a professional editor to do the task for you.

7. Send and Add Reminder:

After polishing your proposal now you should send it with warm greetings. Nowadays, business proposals are sent through e-mails. That’s why you should write the subject line very carefully, grabbing the client’s attention. As a tip, you should write your client’s name to address in the subject line. Send a reminder within a day or two to ensure your client has received it. When accepted, you should answer the client’s queries as you can win the job through it. If your client is not willing to start the project with you or you don’t want to do the project, you should discuss it with the client. If you both agree on price, timeline and other details, you may start the project. On contrary, if not agree, close the deal professionally.

Quick Sum up:

As you have learned how to write a winning business proposal, you should not ignore to polish your proposal to make it presentable. It includes fonts, styles, formatting, visuals and social media links, etc. Keep your writing simple but convincing. Moreover, add call to action at the end.

By following these tips, you’d win projects that will exponentially grow your business. Remember to provide quality products or services to boost your goodwill. If done, you’ll rapidly increase your customer base.

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Disclaimer: This blog post is written for general information purposes.

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