How to Check If a Company is VAT Registered? Ultimate Guide

how to check if a company is VAT registered

According to the legislation in the UK, you are not officially in a position to operate your business activities in the UK unless your earning threshold is above a certain limit. Here comes the consideration of VAT registration. If you fail to fulfil the requirement by the law and delay the registration of VAT even when you are obliged according to the conditions, this will result in dealing with hefty fines and penalties. No one wishes to go through such unfavourable circumstances.

It might sound complicated to know how to check if a company is VAT registered, however, we have got you covered with everything that is required to know in this regard. Further in the discussion of this article, we will focus to delve into the procedure of checking the VAT registration of a company,  the benefits of the VAT Information Exchange System (VIES), the validity of VAT registration, and what is its importance.


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How to Check if a Company is VAT Registered or Not?

Several possible procedures can be used to get an idea of whether or not a company is registered for VAT. For instance, there is a business that has to get involved in dealing with a new customer, a new goal, or a new plan in order to grow the business valuation. In such a case the business owner tends to get their confirmation on the validity of VAT registration with the new client. VRN (Value-added tax Registration Number) is very useful here to confirm the validity. If we see it professionally, we will find out the following mentioned ways the most recommendable:

  • Getting in touch with HMRC through the VAT helpline will be an easy and quick way to check.
  • VIES is a digital platform that can give you access to the required information in the blink of an eye.

You must be wondering about what is VIES. Find out the relevant facts in the explanation given below.


Is VAT Information Exchange System (VIES) a beneficial Platform?

As discussed earlier as well that there can be several possible ways to find the validity of a VAT registration number, however, we all are so occupied with our work routine that we will prefer to get our hands on the procedure that can provide quick and accurate results. So, this digital platform known by the name of VIES can help in this regard. This platform will provide you quick access to ensure whether or not a business is valid with the claim of being VAT registered.

The members of the state VAT system tend to feed the original data, and that is how the details work with the digitally operational platform. Such a development in the business world will help to avoid the ratio of increasing carousel frauds. Furthermore, the increasing ratio of deceitful transactions becoming a reason for bad influence on business owners and other relevant members. This will allow you to confirm the validity of a new supplier’s VAT registration and move ahead in dealing with a clear mind.


Validity of VAT Registration – Check with HMRC’s VAT Helpline

Getting in touch straight with HMRC through the VAT helpline, however, is still the most popular and likeable way to check the validity of a registration number. This gets you allowed to explore your queries and get their answers swiftly. 8:00 AM till 8:00 PM seven days a week is the time limit that will allow you to get your queries entertained. The only drawback that people think of is the limited time hours to approach HMRC. Consider the following protocols while you aim to get in touch with HMRC by using the VAT helpline:

  • You can check the validity of a VAT registration number only when it is related to a business that is reported in the UK.
  • Consider the tie, and limit as discussed earlier to get your queries entertained, this becomes a challenging factor for many people who do not get the answer if in case of urgency.
  • It becomes an element of frustration to wait for hours to know the validity of the required VAT number and get in touch with the experts after a long, especially when it is an urgent case.


How is the VAT Registration Number Important?

You are required to provide an invoice that is VAT applicable received by you from your supplier when you need to claim the VAT on your services or products offered to the customers. The requirements asked by HMRC must be the art of the invoice to go through the process smoothly. For example, the name of the company, address, invoice number, and tax registration number.


The Bottom Line

Now that we have gathered a fair amount of information about how to check if a company is a VAT registered, we can say that the HMRC helpline can provide you with the details about the company whether it is VAT registered or not. For this VRN is very important to confirm the validity of a company.


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Disclaimer: All the information provided in this article on how to check if a company is VAT registered, including all the texts and graphics, is general in nature. It does not intend to disregard any of the professional advice.