Can I Compare Contractor Accountants on an Accounting Platform?

compare contractor accountants

There’s nothing worst than ending up with a contractor accountant who simply doesn’t listen to you. Trust us when we say that there are plenty of them. For stress-free accounting, you need to compare contractor accountants and look out for an accountant who is willing to spend some time just listening to your requirements. Luckily, you get to see that before shaking hands with an accountant. Accounting Firms gives you the option to go through the review of different contractor accountants.  Now that you’ve figured out a platform where you get to compare contractor accountants, let’s take a look at the right qualities you must be looking into for availing the services of a contractor accountant. 


Once you’ve signed up completely free of cost on Accounting Firms, you can compare contractor accountants, and find the one best suited to carry out the job. Here are some tips that’ll help you sift through: 


1- Look for Specialists:


People tend to generalize the term ‘accountants’ and pay them on a weekly or monthly basis (wherever the consensus reaches). However, please understand that you need to look out for specialized accountants. These are service specialists as well as industry specialists. The role of an accountant and a contractor accountant is pretty much the same, its just that a contractor accountant is hired for a specific period of time. So you get to pay them for that specific period.  On average, a contractor accountant charges £55 to 200 a month. That’s the good part. Most of the contractor accountants derive their accounts from dividends they’ve been working on. Get your accounts sorted without having to pay your accountant extra. 


2- Follow these Set of Rules to Avoid Duds


Follow these set of rules to falling the trap of dud accounting firms:


  • Make sure the firm includes an accounting manager. 
  • Ask the point of contact from the accounting firm about the number of clients they’re managing at one point and time. There are accounting companies that have limited staff and they’ve said yes to a lot of clients. Make sure you’re not compromising on extra attention to get high-quality services delivered at your end. 
  • Check out the reviews to see that the accounting firm responds to their clients right away. Whether through emails, chats or any communication channel, make sure the contractor accountants are easy to reach out when a problem is bugging you. 
  • Make sure you’re asking the right questions to avoid falling in the trap of scammers/unprofessional accountants. What’s the guarantee that you’ll get the money back if the service if not good enough as promised. 
  • Most of you prefer one on one interactions. This is one comfortable way for most of your clients to talk about their plans, their problems and looking for the right solutions to your problems. So if you’re comfortable in figuring out solutions to your problems this way, ask your accountants whether they’re comfortable in meeting in person. 


3- Make Sure your Accountants are not Alien to New Technology


You’ve figured out that your prospective accountant is not new in the industry, you’ve followed the best practices pattern to figure out that your accountant is not a dud, but there’s something you additional you need to see too. Make sure your accountant is not alien to new technology. 


This is something you need to consider primarily because despite having years of experience, some accountants are still new to technology. By technology, we don’t necessarily mean someone who knows how to update excel. By technology, we’re surely looking at the chances of someone to be able to update and view the progress of their accounts in real-time. Now, most of you might not agree with this point, but we’re certain that technology definitely takes a lot of pressure off your shoulders. Many accounting apps like Quickbooks, Freshbooks and even Xero allow you easy record keeping facility. You just have to upload a picture of your invoices and the whole process of submitting your tax returns looks ten times easier.  


4- Trust What People Say 


Yes, we get that a lot. People say that you should be oblivious to what others think of you. But it won’t be wrong to put it like this that you need to worry about what others think of the accounting firm you’re willing to take accounting services from. Word of mouth advertising is one reliant way to find that out, but apart from that, you can count on the reviews too to compare contractor accountants. 


Yes, you can definitely compare contractor accountants. Follow the list of tips and tricks to get high-quality services delivered at your end. Like I mentioned before, having a contractor accountant means more monetary benefits, but simply don’t go for unprofessional, unqualified options just because you get to save a couple of bucks. 


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